Founded in 1998 by two ambitious web designers, Digital Refuge began as a community site for web designers seeking information on the latest technologies and to share their work and ideas. Soon enough, the two also began offering low cost Web Hosting to the internet community.

The business boomed to say the least. Digital Refuge grew from one server that was co-located in Anaheim, to a full fledged Data Center in just 3 years. In 2002, the company was purchased in whole by Thexis, LLC and has grown even more. Now, the Digital Refuge network features redundant connections to two separate Tier 1 providers, Williams Communications (WCG) and Cogent Communications.

Our Gig-E connection to Williams Communications (WCG) is on an OC-48, and our connection to Cogent Communications is on an OC-48 ring around Los Angeles and then out diversified paths around the globe. Digital Refuge's reliability and uptime guarantee is only bolstered with the two providers reliability and quality.

The Digital Refuge data center has also been built with reliabilty and failover in mind. Our location in Downtown Los Angeles features redundant AC systems, back-up generators with large capacity fuel tanks, redundant power supply feeds as well as completely self suffucient fire suppression and security system.

Building a great data center is not enough unless it has a great network to back it up. Digital Refuge only uses top quality Cisco and Extreme Networks networking equipment. Every piece of equipment Digital Refuge uses, from our Cisco 7500 series routers to our Cisco Catalyst Switches, feature dual power supplies, redundant feature cards and diverse connectivity points to every other piece of equipment.

In the rare event of a failure, the fully monitored network will either self-repair via routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP4, or automatically notify a technician immediately, anytime 24/7. With current capacity to handle 10 times more traffic than we have today, the Digital Refuge Network is already ahead of the competition.

Whether you buy bandwidth from us, or have Digital Refuge terminate your own private bandwidth, Digital Refuge will work closely with you to provide any connectivity requirements you need.

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