Digital Refuge can run a T1 right to your office or home. Run a web server, stream live video, or just have a lightning fast internet connection right from your location.

Digital Refuge uses SBC® MegaLink® service to connect you to Digital Refuge's network.

SBC® MegaLink® service is a full-duplex, intraLATA, private-line, digital transport service operating at up to 1.544 MBPS. MegaLink® service provides high-speed transfer of large volumes data or video between at least two locations in the same LATA.

SBC local loop charges range from $350 to $500 per month depending on location.

Digital Refuge provides the T1 bandwidth (1.5 mbps) for only $150/mo.


For more information, please contact sales@ digitalrefuge.com


Digital Refuge
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