Digital Refuge uses Surgient Stream servers to deliver video files to the web.

Surgient Networks offers the industry's first and only "real-world" streaming platform that will economically scale to support all types of rich media content (live, on-demand, unique and non-unique streams). Surgient's eQ2500™ will guarantee a quality streaming experience at the lowest possible total cost as well as eliminate over-provisioning problems associated with today's streaming applications.

Surgient's eQ2500™ is the first platform designed to scale applications without performance disruption. It converges compute, storage and network functions over a fabric operating system to support a variety of I/O-intense applications. The eQ2500 is the first completely scalable platform that offers a practical solution for real-world content delivery. Streaming is the first product application.

Surgient is fundamentally changing the economics of data center content delivery for enterprises, service providers, content owners, and content delivery infrastructure providers.

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Digital Refuge
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