Digital Refuge delivers wireless point-to-point service via SBC Broadband from 1mbps up to 20mbps.

SBC Broadband is a digital broadband service provider that uses the latest in advanced fixed wireless technology. Our advanced network allows us to provide our customers with a breadth of broadband services such as video-on-demand, video conferencing, real time interactive games, IP telephony, fast downloads, etc. We are able to offer higher access speeds, faster deployment, secure data transmissions, and more connectivity options.

SBC Broadband has deployed a fully redundant meshed wireless network, currently encompassing 800 square miles with 27 POP's in the Southern California market. The network architecture is ATM based, utilizing the latest backbone switching equipment connected to multiple Tier One providers. The network totally bypasses all SBC facilities.


1 mbps $350/mo.
1.5 mbps $400

Installation Fee $499


1 mbps $360/mo.
1.5 mbps $430

Installation Fee $699

Digital Refuge and SBC Broadband can have your whole office online in just 10 business days.

Contact sales@digitalrefuge.com for more infromation


Digital Refuge
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